Walking through History: NIB organizes Health Walk and Fun Games to Mark Diamond Jubilee

Accra, Ghana – October 21, 2023—In a spirited celebration of its yearlong 60th anniversary, National Investment Bank (NIB) organized a memorable Health Walk and Fun Games event for its dedicated staff on a sunny Saturday morning, reaffirming the bank’s commitment to employee well-being and engagement.

The day began at 6am as NIB employees converged at the Burma Camp sports complex in Accra, clothed in specially designed commemorative T-shirts, and set out on a vibrant health walk with a brass band in tow. The walk, which drew participants from all levels of the organization, symbolized NIB’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle among its workforce.

Mr. Samuel Sarpong, the Managing Director of NIB, set a jubilant tone for the event as he delivered his opening address to staff. He emphasized the bank’s commitment to not only financial services but also the well-being and unwavering commitment to its staff.  “Today, as we celebrate our yearlong anniversary, we’re reminded that our success is rooted in our connection with our customers and the communities we are a part of,” he said. “Our success is intrinsically tied to the dedication of our employees and this event is our way of showing our appreciation for your hard work and dedication,” he added.

The health walk route took participants through the heart of what can be referred to as the city’s financial hub. It begun from the Burma camp, winding through scenic streets and picturesque landmarks. Refreshment and water were thoughtfully positioned along the route to keep participants hydrated and energized.

Upon completing the health walk, the fun and camaraderie continued at the Burma Camp sports complex where a variety of enjoyable games awaited the NIB family. These activities included sack races, musical chairs, ludo, oware, dancing competition among the various departments, and the comical three-legged race, which saw participants attempting to synchronize their movements in hilarious fashion among others.

The event was not only about physical well-being but also about building a sense of unity and togetherness among NIB staff. As employees competed in friendly games, they created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds within the NIB family.

Mr. Kitchiner Tettey, a long-serving NIB employee, expressed his delight, saying, “This is a fantastic way to celebrate our bank’s 60th anniversary. It’s not just about the games, it’s about the spirit of togetherness and appreciation that the bank has for us, the staff.”

NIB’s 60th-anniversary Health Walk and Fun Games for staff highlighted the bank’s commitment to fostering a healthy, vibrant, and engaged workforce. It showcased NIB’s dedication to its employees and celebrated the bank’s significant milestone, marking its role not only as a financial institution but as a supportive and inclusive organization.


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