Trade Finance

Have you identified a new market for your products and services, or perhaps a new cost effective supplier but don’t have the funds readily available to capitalize on these opportunities?

National Investment Bank’s trade finance services could be your solution.

Our dedicated and experienced trade finance team can help move your business to the next level.

  • Documentary Credits (LCs)
  • Standby Letters of Credits
  • Guarantees
  • Documentary/Bill for Collections
  • Open Accounts
  • Advance Payments
  • Letters of Commitment for Exporters.
  • Foreign Currency Cheques Clearing.
  • Security: Carrying out transactions with international organizations is our expertise and we can ensure safe transactions no matter the size of your company.


  • Growth:  In today’s global village you can grow your business seamlessly with trade finance facilities when opportunities avail themselves.


  • Frees Up Working Capital:  Trade financing offers a huge opportunity to grow your business without having to tie up your cash in stock.