Trade & Development Finance

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  • Individual or Joint Cedi (GHS) Current Account
  • Individual or Joint Foreign Currency Account (FCA)
  • Individual or Joint Foreign Exchange Account (FEA)
  • Excel (Private Banking) Current Account
  • Trust Current Accounts
  • Peace of mind with our optional life insurance cover from Glico
  • Access to Overdrafts and Personal Loans
  • Convenience of accessing your account from anywhere without carrying cash
  • Personalised MasterCard that allows you to shop online and pay for transactions anywhere in the world.
  • Your funds are safe and secure.
  • Initial opening balances apply
  • Personalised Cheque Books
  • Free Access to all NIB ATMs nationwide
  • Personalised MasterCard and GHLink Debit Cards
  • Optional Life Insurance cover from Glico
  • Account maintenance fees apply