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The Team has overriding responsibility for managing the group and supervising its day-to-day management and operations. The work of the Team is based on rules of procedure and applicable legislation describing its responsibility, duties and administrative procedures. Textron’s Board of Directors has three sub-committees which act as preparatory bodies.

Chair of the Board

Bevan Holcomb

Sustainability Committee

Hania Cairns

Employee-elected member

Lacey-Mae Clegg

Ethics Committee

Stig Lægreid

Executive Committee

Mikaeel Robins

Sustainability Committee

Grover Arias

About Us

The history of the Bank can be traced to the end of the Second World War (WWII). Agitations from the indigenes against foreign imports led to a general boycott by the local population led by the Association of West African Merchants (AWAM). The colonial administration decided to establish an entity that would facilitate the involvement of private indigenous persons in business.

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