Our attention has been drawn to certain statements made in the media on 28 September, 2023, attributed to the Honourable Isaac Adongo, MP for Bolga Central, in which a clear attempt was made to malign the Bank’s Managing Director, and by extension, discredit the integrity of the institution he presides over.

Honourable Adongo in his interview with Multimedia stated that the Bank’s Managing Director was for one year managing the Bank via Zoom.

The Board and Management of NIB take extreme exception to the claims made in the said statements, particularly since it had no substance or factual basis and appeared skewed just to bring the hard-won image of the Bank into disrepute.

You may be reminded that NIB is a reputable financial institution and the pride of the nation. Transparency and accountability have been the cornerstones of our Bank’s governance structure and its Management remains committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our operations. Any misinformation, such as this, has huge implication on the Bank.

To set the records straight, we would like to point out that the Managing Director, the subject of the unsavoury commentary, is entitled to annual vacation or leave days that are set by policy for all employees of the Bank and he has been taking same whenever the need arises subject to the approval of the Board. Whenever it became necessary to travel out of the country, due approval had always been sought from the Board and is reported to the Bank of Ghana, the regulator, as required.

The board is profoundly satisfied with the exceptional dedication and hard work exhibited by our management team. Their unwavering commitment to our institution’s stability and success is truly commendable and reassuring.

It is our firm belief that, necessary as it may be for progress and the common good of the country, public discourse must always be grounded in truth and evidence, and it is essential that public figures maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity when making statements that may tend to influence public opinion. Misleading or false statements erode trust and undermine the principles of a transparent and accountable society.

In conclusion, we entreat the general public to critically evaluate information, seek out reliable sources, and engage in informed discussions on important matters. In this era of misinformation, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that truth prevails over falsehoods, and that our society remains rooted in facts and evidence.


Marian N. Toure | Head, Marketing & Corporate Communications