NIB Among Top Five in Customer Service Excellence-KPMG

National Investment Bank (NIB) is among the top five Customer Experience leaders in Ghana’s Retail Banking industry. This is according to the third edition of the KPMG Ghana Banking Industry Customer Experience (BICX) survey, conducted between May and August 2022.

The study which covered 1,820 Retail customers, 200 SMEs and 106 Corporate institutions also sought insights from the Heads of Customer Service/Experience departments of the banks. This was to gain further insights into Customer Experience within Ghana’s banking industry.

The survey centred on the six (6) pillars of Customer Experience: Integrity, Resolution, Expectation, Empathy, Personalization, Time and Effort. The researchers stated: “the presence of these six factors is essential if the customer experience is to stimulate commercially beneficial behaviours.”

In addition, the survey compared the charges on transactions, online banking quirks, ethical and environmental reputations of the institutions covered in the survey. To provide further insights and depth into the reasons behind customers’ preference for any financial institution over another, the researchers asked respondents if they banked with these institutions based on their corporate reputation, image or product and service catalogue.

At the end of the survey, NIB emerged 5th with great Service Experience and Customer Service relation. The report released in January 2023 stated that from the survey a respondent who is a customer of the bank said, “The staff are friendly and display professionalism in carrying out their responsibilities”.

NIB’s Customer Service accreditation of being among the top 5 banks in Ghana with excellent Customer Service is attestation of the Bank’s Board, Management and Staff commitment to transform the bank and live up to the motto ‘Your Business Is Our Business’.


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