In the wake of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the National Investment Bank (NIB) assures all its Customers, Staff and the General Public that a number of internal and external interventions have been implemented to ensure their safety.

NIB is in business primarily because of its Customers hence, the wellbeing of the Customer is top priority to the Bank especially, in these trying times.

I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the various processes the bank has initiated to minimize the possibility of our stakeholders getting infected by the virus as they visit our premises to transact business.

• A COVID-19 Command Team has been formed to plan, implement and regularly inform all stakeholders on measures being put in place to ensure their safety, in line with the bank’s Crisis Communication Policy.

• Posters that provide key information on COVID-19 and its prevention have been designed and pasted at all vantage points across the Bank. Audio-visual materials are also being developed for broadcast.

• Seating and all processes at Banking Halls have been reorganized/rearranged as part of efforts to facilitate Social-distancing protocols.

• All Staff have been directed to take a mandatory Two-week Leave from their Annual Leave (on rotational basis) as part of measures to decongest our operational areas albeit ensure continuity of banking operations.

• Security personnel on the Bank’s premises have been tasked to assist Customers especially, with the use of Hand Sanitizers as well as hand-washing using the “Veronica Buckets” mounted at vantage points. Tissue paper and waste bins have also been provided to aid hand-cleaning. The personnel have also been directed to intensify their roles at entry and exit points by ensuring that doors are always opened and closed for Customers in particular as part of measures to prevent the touching of door handles.

• Intensive hand-sanitizing activities across our Banking Halls and Offices have been initiated to avert any possible infections or virus-transfers during cash transactions.

• Branch Management have been requested to initiate isolation protocols should there be any customer exhibiting signs of fever or cough.

• Charges on our Fast Link Service (*710#) with transactions below GH₵100 have been waived.

• Transactional limits on our E-channels have been increased to allow for more withdrawals.

Staff of all Divisions, Departments, Units and Branches as well as Customers have been advised to ensure that they strictly observe the prescribed Social-distancing protocols (at least 1 meter apart).

The above measures we believe demonstrate our firm commitment to deploying appropriate COVID-19 Safety Tools and Resources in helping maintain a healthy environment for all stakeholders.

During this turbulent period, we urge everyone to stay calm, adhere to all relevant safety tips, be resourceful, and pray for the success of both human and divine interventions in saving our land from this pandemic. We also implore all Staff to support each other and to delight our Customers in every way.

Further updates will be given when the need arises.

Together, we can defeat COVID-19.

Samuel Sarpong

Managing Director


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