SME Banking

This is the provision of special financial services to meet the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.


SME Loans

  • Minimum Amount: GH¢ 1,000.00
  • Maximum Amount: GH¢ 200, 000.00
  • Duration: 1 – 12 months


  • Application Letter
  • Evidence of operation (such as Certificate to Commence Business)
  • Valid National Identification Card
  • Passport sized photo


  • 20% of Loan amount
  • Traders Stock Pledge
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Third Party Guarantee (Valid National I.D. Required)
  • Legal Mortgage
  • Vehicle

Benefits of SME Loan

  • Reliable and quick source of finance.
  • Flexible and structured repayment terms.
  • Useful for a wide range of purposes.
  • Access to working capital to expand your business.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Business should operate from identifiable premises.
  • Business should be registered.
  • Applicant should operate account(s) with NIB.
  • Non-customers and Non-registered businesses may be considered on a case by case basis.


The Bank also has savings products tailored for SME clients. These are:


N.I.B Micro Save

  • Minimum daily deposit of GH¢5.00
  • Quarterly withdrawals not more than 50% of saved amount.


Boafo Yena Savings

  • Minimum weekly deposit of GH 25.00
  • Quarterly withdrawals.


Daakye Nkosuo Savings

  • Minimum weekly deposit of GH¢50.00
  • Quarterly withdrawals.
  • The target customers for this product are Small and Medium size businesses e.g. traders, small scale manufacturers, suppliers, artisans etc.

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