Why is the Ghana Card the only acceptable ID for all financial transactions?

The law requires effective Friday, 1 July 2022 that for all financial transactions, the Ghana Card must be used as proof of identity.

Do banks in Ghana accept the Ghana Card (ECOWAS Identity Card) for transactions?

Yes. Effective 1st July 2022, all banks in Ghana will accept the Ghana Card as the only form of identification for all financial transactions.

Why must my bank demand my Ghana Card for a transaction when it already has my passport or driver’s license or voter ID card or national health insurance card details and all the pertinent information it needs?

The law requires that for all financial transactions, the Ghana Card must be used as proof of identity with effect from Friday, July 1 2022. The Ghana Card also enables the bank to conduct a biometric verification to ensure that the bank is dealing with the right person so as to eliminate fraud.

Is it necessary for my bank to make a photocopy of my Ghana Card?

Yes. We may require a copy of your Ghana Card for our internal processes and may therefore make a photocopy.

Why do I need a Ghana Card for my banking transactions when my bank branch knows me very well?

The law requires that for all financial transactions, the Ghana Card must be used as proof of identity with effect from Friday, July 1 2022. In addition, to avoid impersonation and prevent fraudulent activities on your account, the bank will verify your identity using biometric information that you used to register for the Ghana Card s and ensure that it is dealing with the rightful owner of the account.

Why is the Ghana Card being required at this time?

To build a single source of truth for personal identification in Ghana, with a unique biometric verification system to help eliminate fraud and facilitate data harmonization and integration.

How do I conduct banking services if I have not registered for a Ghana Card?

Visit any NIA Regional or District Office to register for your Ghana Card. The list of the offices is available at www.nia.gov.gh

How do I conduct banking services if I have registered for the Ghana Card but have not received it or I have lost my Ghana Card?

The bank will be able to verify your identity using a Tenprint verification device in instances where your physical card is not available. You will however have to visit any of NIA’s Regional Offices with a Police Extract confirming the loss, for your card to be replaced at a fee.

Does the Ghana Card requirement apply only to banks?

No, it applies to the following institutions as stated in Regulation 7 of the National Identity Register Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2111): “A national identity card issued to an individual shall be used for the following transactions where identification is required:
(a) Application for and issuance of a passport
(b) Application for and issuance of a driver’s license
(c) Opening of individual or personal bank accounts
(d) Purchase of insurance policies
(e) Purchase, transfer and registration of land by an individual or a connected transaction subject to the provisions of other pensions; enactments
(f) Transactions pertaining to individuals in respect of
(g) Insurance transactions specified under the National Health Scheme
(h) Transactions that have social security implications
(i) Consumer credit transactions
(j) Registration of voters
(k) Payment of taxes
(l) Registration of SIM cards
(m) Applications for public or government services, facilities, approvals, permissions or bene

As a Ghanaian living abroad, will I lose my bank account in Ghana because I don’t have a Ghana Card?

No, the bank will accept your valid passport once you can prove that you live abroad for now. The NIA is also making plans to register Ghanaians living abroad and to issue them with Ghana Cards. If you do have a Ghana Card kindly, send a copy of both sides of your card and account number to ghanacard@nib-ghana.com

What protection do I have against fraudulent transactions if someone creates a fake Ghana Card with my identity?

The fake Ghana Card will not have your biometric data and therefore the system will not verify and authenticate anyone attempting to use a fake Ghana ID card to access your account.

Will the secure nature and use of the Ghana Card allow banks to give more loans to customers?

It will build trust in the financial ecosystem, aid banks to track and trace defaulting customers and reduce risks associated with lending and thereby improving access to lending.

Why must I update my bank records with my Ghana Card?

It is because the law requires that the Ghana Card be used as proof of identity for all financial transactions. In addition, it will ensure that the bank keeps an updated version of your personal information in line with KYC obligations of the bank.

Why is there a 1st July 2022 deadline?

This is because the Bank of Ghana has indicated that effective Friday, 1 July 2022 the Ghana card must be the sole ID which can be used for financial transactions.

How can I get my bank records updated with my Ghana Card?

Kindly send a copy of both sides of your card and account number to ghanacard@nib-ghana.com. You may also visit the nearest NIB branch with your Ghana Card to update your records.