Churchlink Account

The NIB Churchlink is a product designed for Churches. This is a hybrid of a current and an investment account specifically designed to offer churches high interest, flexibility of a cheque book and a loan facility when required.


  • Tired interest rate-the more you deposit, the more interest you earn. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Customers can have cheque book
  • Customers have the option to choose a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly statement of accounts electronically
  • Free advisory service
  • Provision of guarantees in situation where the church would have to undertake projects and payments made at a later date.


  • Operational account for the day to day financial activities
  • Church collections account, monthly thanksgiving offerings account and Church harvest.
  • Church welfare account
  • A foreign account for receiving funds from financiers outside Ghana.
  • Credit union accounts.


  • Weekly mobile cash collection service after Sunday’s service and any other major activity
  • The accounts earn higher interest than that of savings
  • The Church has access to an unsecured overdraft amount of 40% of the Church’s monthly credit turnover.
  • The Clergy (Pastors), Church workers and individual members of the Church can access a loan under the guarantee of the Church and against the collection.
  • Investing idle funds into high interest bearing products to earn higher interest for the church.
  • No service charge


  • The Church must be legitimately registered.
  • The Church must be easily located.
  • It must be constitutionally governed.
  • It must have a well constituted committee.

Minimum Opening Balance= GH¢5.00

Minimum Operatng Balance = GH¢100.00

Minimum Balance to earn Interest = GH¢20,000.00

  • GH¢50,000.00 = Negotiable


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