We understand peace of mind is priceless, and almost all of us would pay anything to achieve that coveted peace of mind. National Investment Bank in association with GLICO has put together a number of insurance products, simplified and made affordable for you.

So whether you are looking to assets, provide for your children’s future or insure your life, we have something for you.  

  • NIB Education Plan
  • NIB Ideal Funeral Plan
  • NIB Personal Accident Plan
  • NIB Embedded Life Insurance
  • NIB Life Savings
  • NIB Motor Insurance
  • NIB Homeowners Insurance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Convenience: NIB can provide you that one stop shop for all you financial services needs
  • Ease of Renewal and Payments: With payments set up as direct debits or standing orders from your accounts renewals and payments are simplified.
  • Simple: Signing up and claiming have all been simplified with NIB Bancassurance.